Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified: Aug 20 2021


Dopoid is the most reliable social media service on the market. We make your social media grow organically in the fastest and safest way. We have a variety of packages for you starting from 100 followers up to 10.000 followers. However, you can always contact support for personalized packages for yourself. All you need to do is to select the most suitable package for yourself and fill your Instagram username. After you proceed to check-out you will be meeting with your new followers in 3 minutes.
Yes, you can use your account while the order is in progress.
After your check-out, it is not possible to cancel your order. However, if you change your mind and do not want to receive your followers, you can always set your account to private or change your Instagram username temporarily. You can always reach our support line for further information.
While your order is in place your account must be set to public. Also, don’t forget to check if your account is set to public before checking out.
Unfortunately, no. You should not change your username while your order is in progress. If you do so, your followers won’t be able to reach you completely.
Dopoid is the safest service in the market. We promise to provide you with the most reliable service no matter how much you pay. Also, we will never ask you for your password under any circumstances. We are doing the hard work for you while you enjoy growing organically. Is my information safe with you? Of course, we protect your data no matter what. Your personal information will never be used by any other third party. This issue is very important to us; you can read our privacy policy for more information.
Please check if you did not do the following: • Placing your order while your account is set to private. • You changed your Instagram username after your check-out. • You used wrong username. (You can check this from your order information) If you have dOne One of the above, your followers will not be able to reach you. If you are experiencing any other difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We have a variety of packages for you starting from 100 followers up to 10.000 followers. However, you can always contact support for personalized packages for yourself. It is worth mentioning that the more followers you purchase, the more interaction you will get.
More followers mean more interactions. No matter what business you do, growing in social media will help you grow in your own market.
Your ticket will be answered in 20 minutes. Our team is always ready to help you. Customer satisfaction has always been the most important issue for us.
Definitely, all followers you get are real and active Instagram users. You can use our service without worry.
Dopoid will never ask for your password under any circumstances.
Compared to other services Dopoid presents you real and active users. You can enjoy yourself while your social media grows organically.

Service Relevant

Most of the time Instagram takes action after an account is spammed too much. This may or may not happen to our provided followers. In this case Dopoid got your back, we will happily refill your order as we have a 30 days guarantee on all of our products.
Unfortunately not, since all of your followers are real Instagram users, it is not possible to transfer them to another account or make them unfollow you. However, you can always remove your followers manually from your Instagram account.
Dopoid automatically replenish your followers every week. You can still contact with our support line for a manual replenishment.
We are able to provide you more than 100.000 followers. You can contact our support line for more information and to a get price offer.
After your check-out we deliver your order instantly, it may take up to 3 minutes in case of queue in the system.


You can use any major credit card for Dopoid’s service. The accepted credit cards are: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express and Discover.
You can use your prepaid credit card for our service.
It is possible to pay with your PayPal prepaid MasterCard.
If your credit card is declined, we suggest you to contact your bank for assistance. If your problem persists after contacting your bank please feel free to contact our support line.
No, payments are not recurring, you will be charged single time for every order.