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Safety & Privacy

At Dopoid, we understand how important privacy is to our clients. That's why we prioritize the security of your personal data when you purchase Instagram views through our service. We will never ask for your password or other sensitive information. Our service is 100% secure and reliable, allowing you to confidently and safely increase your Instagram views with genuine followers.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our social media services. You can easily contact us through our contact form, and our experts will respond promptly to assist you.

Organic & Ad-Based Methods

At Dopoid, we only provide real Instagram views to our clients. We never use fake accounts, so you can trust us to deliver high-quality, real Instagram followers and views. Our advertising methods ensure that you receive views from followers who are genuinely interested in your content and will engage with your posts.

Instant Delivery

At Dopoid, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to increasing your Instagram views. That's why we offer fast-delivery Instagram views. After placing your order, you will begin to see the first interactions within minutes. With our instant delivery and reliable service, you can quickly and safely increase your Instagram views and expand your social media presence.

Is it secure to buy Instagram views?

Dopoid provides 100% secure and real views and utilizes advertising methods to ensure only real people view your videos and reels. Plus, we offer 24/7 customer service and dependable service to minimize inconvenience. Therefore, buying Instagram views is a 100% secure process.

Why should I buy Instagram views?

Purchasing real Instagram views is an excellent way to increase social media presence, build credibility, and attract more engagement. With a large number of views on your posts, you can create a sense of authority in the eyes of other users and gain more supporters. By choosing Dopoid for your Instagram growth service, you can expand your reach and increase your Instagram views quickly and affordably.

Would purchasing Instagram views be a worthwhile investment?

Buying Instagram views is worth it if you want to increase your social media presence and attract more engagement. You can see instant organic Instagram growth with our fast delivery. Don't waste time trying to grow your Instagram profile on your own - choose Dopoid for a reliable and safe Instagram growth service.

Is Dopoid a trustworthy site to buy Instagram views?

When it comes to buying Instagram views, it's essential to choose a legitimate service provider to ensure safety and security. Dopoid is a reliable and safe platform to buy Instagram views and one of the best in the market. You can use Dopoid's Instagram View service without any worries and expand your reach on Instagram.

Can I use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to buy Instagram views from Dopoid?

Yes, Dopoid accepts cryptocurrency payments through Coinbase Commerce. This means you can easily and securely purchase real Instagram views with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies without the need for a credit card.

Can there be a drop in the number of views?

At Dopoid, we only use legitimate methods to provide high-quality Instagram views. We rely solely on ad networks and promotions, not fake accounts. We have an Auto-Refill feature that refills lost views every 24 hours to avoid drops. Our organic ad techniques also keep your profile safe and secure. While focusing on creating quality content, you can trust us to handle the organic Instagram growth without the risk of losing views.

How many followers do I need to earn money from Instagram?

In order to earn money from your Instagram account, it is important to have a substantial number of followers. Generally, having at least 10.000 followers is considered to be the threshold for monetization. However, it is also important to focus on creating quality content that resonates with your audience and consistently monitor your engagement and impressions. Dopoid's Instagram growth services can help you increase your Instagram following and potentially earn more money. For small business owners, having social proof in the form of a large Instagram following is crucial for demonstrating the value of your company. Additionally, Dopoid's Instagram Like service can help boost engagement and further increase your potential for earning money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our products, you can find answers by checking our FAQ section. However, if you can't find the information you need, you can always contact our live support center.

As soon as you place an order, we start promoting your video on various platforms, so yes, all of the views are from real users.
If you require a customized package with a higher number of views, please get in touch with our support team, and we will create a tailored offer that meets your requirements.
In order to receive Reels views that you purchase, your Instagram account needs to be set to public. If you put your account in private mode before your order is complete, your order will be put on hold. To resume your order, you will need to contact our support team.
No, you can purchase views as many times as you desire, even exceeding the maximum allowed limit.
Yes, you can purchase views for any type of video, whether it's a Reels or an IGTV video.
The delivery time for the purchased views may vary depending on several factors, such as the existing queue of orders. Nonetheless, you should start noticing some initial engagement from the views you bought within a few minutes after placing the order. The complete delivery of the views is typically done within an hour, but the duration may fluctuate based on the number of views you have purchased.

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"Order started in 4 minutes, even got more likes on following days than usual."


"Exceptionally fast and accurate organic followers for my business profile, thanks for the great service 👍"

Mark T.



"I was not expecting this much. Incredibly fast 👌"


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"I have been working with Dopoid for the past six months and have seen incredible growth on my Instagram account. The team is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have and the results have exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!"

Michael G.

"I was hesitant to invest in a social media growth service, but I am so glad I gave this agency a try. The customer support is top-notch and they were able to help me identify key areas for improvement on my accounts. The growth has been steady and organic, and I couldn't be happier with the results."

Jessica T.

"I have worked with several social media agencies in the past and this one stands out above the rest. The team is responsive, professional, and always goes above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. The results have been fantastic and I have already recommended them to several friends."

Christopher J.

"I was struggling to grow my social media accounts on my own and decided to give this agency a try. I am so glad I did!"

Rachel D.

"I have been blown away by the results I have seen since starting to work with Dopoid. The team is always available to answer any questions or concerns I have. The growth on my Instagram has been steady and organic, and I couldn't be happier with the service."

Megan T.

"very good service."